Meet Carolyn.

I love photography. I love capturing what I see and sharing it with others. I spent a big part of 2015 searching for opportunities outside my immediate community of ways to share my talent in order to better our world. The answer was CURA Brazil. I signed up for the...

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Meet Stephanie.

We’re all just normal humans, doing our best to use our talents and services to serve the greater good. And every single one of our doctors, staff, patients, and volunteers is essential to the fabric that makes up CURA. So in an effort to close the gap that exists...

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Walking for the first time!

I apologize for the long time since I last posted, but I have exciting news! As you may recall, during this year’s campaign we met a little girl named Milena – an adorable 3-year-old who had suffered from septic meningitis. This resulted in severe hip damage, and...

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Wisdom from a 2-year old

My mind has been racing since my return home. Not just trying to catch up with my life here, which is difficult enough, but trying to wrap my head around what just happened with CURA and what it might mean for the future. And, as I have been thinking about that, my...

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