CURA 2017 is ready to roll!

2017 CAMPAIGN UPDATES 0 DAYS  //  UNTIL CAMPAIGN 30  //  TEAM MEMBERS PRESENT 300  // PAO DE QUEIJO'S CONSUMED EXPLORING BRAZIL: Yesterday we had the pleasure of getting to take an all-day trip through the Brazilian countryside on our way to Monte Sião, a beautiful...

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The Doc has landed.

2017 CAMPAIGN UPDATES 3 DAYS  //  UNTIL CAMPAIGN 5,095  //  MILES FLOWN 7  // BRAZILIAN COFFEES CONSUMED I arrived in Brazil on Wednesday after an excellent flight (read: after eating dinner, I slept the whole way!).  And it's a good thing that I caught up on sleep...

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We Need Your Help!

The 2017 CURA medical campaign kicks off in just a few days, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have two last minute, yet urgent needs in order to serve as many patients as possible. First: Gynecology We just received word that the Brazilian government will no longer supply...

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New! CURA Community / CURA Comunidade

The CURA medical campaign has been in existence since 2009, in different neighborhoods and schools, and we've met and encountered thousands of different lives on this journey! We began as an annual medical campaign and since then, we have learned a lot about how to...

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